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Life today can be fast-paced, complicated, stressful and full of uncertainty. It is understandable that at times we can experience overwhelm, anxiety, lack of clarity, illness, fear and more.
At Transcendence Holistic Counselling and Healing Therapies, our compassionate counsellors are available to support and guide you on your healing journey utilising a broad range of therapies.  Holistic Counselling is client-focused and based on the belief that body, mind and spirit are interconnected and that each has the ability to impact the other. 

Your journey is a collaboration between yourself and your counsellor. As you are the one who  holds the key to your own healing, you will engage in and direct the process and therapies applied during treatment. Along the way you will learn to access your own inner wisdom, gaining the skills and confidence that you can use to create lasting change in your life.

We can help you with relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, financial wellness, career change, life coaching and many challenging life situations.

Together we’ll help you discover the seen and unseen obstacles in your way and learn how to negotiate them to achieve the life of happiness and connection you deserve. 

Our range of services includes Holistic Counselling, Guided Meditation, Reiki Healing, Access Bars, Sound Healing, Ecotherapy, Fire Talk Counselling, Nature Walk Meditation and Financial Wellness and Workshops.  We are also available to be booked for Retreats, Workshops and Speaking Events. 

Your healing journey begins here.

Seraya is an experienced public speaker, corporate presenter and trainer.

Her warmth, quirkiness and passion for people shine through in her presentations, classes and performances.
A seeker and adventurer, Seraya’s life journey has taken her through many countries, continents and cultures, and included close encounters with a global scale tsunami, bush fire and political coup. Juggling dual careers in the corporate and entertainment sector, it was as a songwriter and recording artist that she became aware of the power of music and sound to shift people’s emotions and energy. From there she embarked on studies in Sound Healing, Reiki and Access Bars. Soundtracks in her guided meditations and energy sessions are composed utilising the sounds and frequencies known to positively enhance mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Seraya is also available to facilitate/speak or perform at your next retreat or conference in the capacity of:

Guest Speaker , MC, Singer Songwriter, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki/Access Bars/Sound Healing Practitioner, Guided Meditation Facilitator and more.

At age 10, Petr with his parents and brother defected from a communist Czechoslovakia.  Harbouring in the safety of the Austrian countryside for several months, he attended a local school where he learned basic German. Upon being granted asylum in Australia he very quickly conquered English.

From his early years, he found learning new languages intriguing and easy. He pursued this interest further at university attaining a degree in Language and Linguistics coupled with studies of International Religions. 

His career in the travel industry enabled him to travel to many exotic countries of the world to gain a broader understanding of many cultures.  This was also an  opportunity to experience the many natural wonders of this beautiful planet and played a large part in making nature his medium for mind body and spirit connection.

Petr then transitioned to a career in the medical industry.  As a multiple triathlon, marathon and ultramarathon endurance athlete, mindset, health and wellbeing were always important to him. This passion subsequently set him on a path toward Holistic Counselling, Sound Therapy (didgeridoo), Ecotherapy and Access Bars.  Statistically speaking, men find it extremely difficult to speak up about their mental health.  Men's mental health is something that Petr is passionate about.

Petr is also available to speak or facilitate at your retreat or conference as a:

Mindset/Endurance coach, Guest Speaker, Holistic Counsellor, Ecotherapy Guide, Access Bars Practitioner, Guided Meditation Facilitator and more.

Seraya & Petr
Transcendence Holistic Counselling &  Healing Therapies

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Compassionate Counsellors

We will support and guide you on your healing journey

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