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Reflections My Journal for Growth: Powerful Toolkit for Reflection, Weekly Activities for Self Exploration and Empowerment, No Year Printed Start Anytime. Paperback Book.


90 pages of self exploration and reflection using weekly activities.


This journal is a powerful toolkit for seekers who:


  • understand the power of writing to encode our brains and the profound impact that has on our choices and the way we act
  • wish to be proactive in their life journey, choosing and influencing their direction
  • want to deliberately shape their evolution and ultimately create the life they wish for


Each month through a reading and specially designed activities, you are prompted to undergo a process of self-inquiry, self-evaluation and reflection, uncovering aspects of yourself, your life and your choices. As you record and contemplate your experiences you will cultivate presence, awareness, self-determination, empowerment and appreciation.


The process is a relatively simple, relaxing and fun way to spend some “YOU” time.

As you reflect back over the 12 months, you will discover and understand how the choices and changes you have made, have created and woven new patterns of joy, abundance, and contentment into the tapestry that is your life.


This wisdom is yours, empowering you to continue creating and experiencing a rich and meaningful life.  There is no ‘year” printed in this journal, so start anytime you like!

Reflections - My Journal For Growth


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